White Label Solution for Garage Owners & Mechanics

Garage App

Garage Application is a mobile app for Garage owners where the owners can list the vehicle services they offer and the customers can make use of it.

About Garage Mobile Application

It is a white label solution which can work on both iOS/Android Platforms. The garage owners can list their services with the exact cost. The users can add their vehicles and then choose from the services that they want. Just Book an appointment and contact the owner That’s it.


Garage owners can effortlessly manage and increase their sales through this garage application. The app has a visually enriched Dashboard that enhances the user experience. Owner can book at most five services in a day. The user will constantly get the updates about the status of the service and owner can select the estimated delivery date and time. Garage app even has an option if the user wants the vehicle to be delivered or not.

Admin/ Owner

  • Login Page
  • Dashboard Shows Total Service and Total Services
  • Sort service and revenue according to the date
  • Add New Customer/ Select from Existing Users
  • Contact Customer


  • Login/ Signup
  • Edit Profile
  • Add Vehicle Details
  • Select from the List of services
  • Book Appointment
  • Contact Garage Owner

Font & Colors


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