Ecommerce platform for Online food ordering-delivery


We developed an Ecommerce platform for online food ordering and delivery platform for a popular chain in USA. Flame Steaks help customers to deliver great meals at low costs to form a dependable Home Food Service providers.

About Flame Steaks

This Ecommerce platform, developed leveraging Magento development, serves to deliver to your dining table an experience that you can share with your loved ones at low cost prices. We also developed Cross-platform application for this client with browser compatibility. The application is compatible with Android Phones (Android 4.0 and above), iPhone 5S and Higher (iOS 9 and above).

Ecommerce platform for Online food ordering-delivery


Using Flame Steak is a multi linguist Ecommerce platform using English, Chinese and Korean languages, users will get to see a number of items according to the categories given for beef, seafood and speciality along with the prices. The users can select and add all the items to shopping cart and then can check out easily. Payment integration module is also integrated using PayPal and banking details and complete the order. Users can also track the order and the nearest pickup locations. 3rd Party SMS Gateway (Twilio) integration is used for sending confirmation to users.

User Features

  • Sign Up/ Sign In
  • Menu Display
  • View/ Selects Item
  • Offers/ Coupon Codes
  • Shopping Cart
  • Order Now
  • Checkout
  • Track Order/ Pickup locations


Delivery (Driver) App Features

  • Registration/ Login
  • Create/ View/ Edit Driver Profile
  • Location log
  • Select Deliveries
  • View Information of pickup and drop-off
  • Loading confirmation
  • Routing
  • ETA calculation
  • Status Update
  • Report incident
  • Daily Closings

Admin features

  • User Management
  • Manage Staff
  • Manage Drivers
  • Menu Category Management
  • Order Processing/ Management
  • Manage offers/ discounts/ promotions
  • Check Deliveries Bids
  • Manage Delivery/ Pickup locations
  • Manage Payment Modules

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