Social Networking Platform


A social app developed at Let’s Nurture, has distinctive features like connect together with surrounding users, make friends, connect with them directly through messaging, find common interests etc.

About Addymate

The app mainly targets to youth who can connect with nearby users without sacrificing the privacy. Users can message to each other privately. Users can connect through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google Plus accounts.

Social Networking Platform


AddyMate is an app that helps you quickly connect with people you meet in real life without sacrificing your privacy. Simply send a connection request to those around you and take the guesswork out of getting their names or numbers right. Then, continue your conversation using the in-app messaging functionality. There are also some benefits of it like, users can switch over their social profiles at particular occasion, they can discover common friends and find common interests between them, they can connect through their social accounts, also the offline features let the users can connect through QR codes.


  • Manage profile
  • Geo-proximity for check-in
  • QR Code Scan
  • Add Requests
  • Auto-Connection
  • Request limits
  • 3rd Party Social Networks
  • Manage Contacts
  • Messaging
  • Offline availability
  • Push Notification Rules & Settings
  • Location Updates
  • In-App Purchase options
  • In-app analytics

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