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Nurturing Solutions
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GPS Tracking Solutions

GPS Tracking Solutions

Asset tracking Bike Tracking Food Delivery Solution Kids Tracking Pet Tracking Ride sharing Shuttle Tracking Vehicle Tracking

From Military targets to personal vehicles & family members, accurate live location tracking is at the crux of it all. Solutions as delivery tracking, service booking, social networking and even advertising is increasingly relying on location tracking data, to deliver a personalised user experience.

  • Connected Car Platform
  • Asset Tracking Solution
  • Kids Tracking Solution
  • Pet Tracking Solution
  • Driving School Management Solution
  • Taxi Booking Solutions
  • Bike Sharing / Ridesharing Solution
  • Shuttle/Bus Tracking Solutions
  • Location Based Social Network
  • Location Based On Demand Platform
  • Location based Food Delivery Platform
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IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Connected Platform Consumer IoT Industrial IoT IoT Analytics IoT POCs OTA Software Turn Key Solutions

Automation using Internet of Things (IoT) technology has led businesses to explore more opportunities. IoT based solutions not only helped businesses to streamline the most complex business, it also allowed a remote monitoring on every stage of operations which has been proven cost-efficient and fruitful.

  • Smart Farming Solutions
  • Smart Home Solutions
  • Smart Car Solutions
  • Smart Healthcare Solutions
  • Smart Retailing Solutions
  • Smart Factory Solutions
  • Smart Water Meter System
  • Smart Museums
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BLE/iBeacon Solutions

BLE/iBeacon Solutions

Bluetooth4.0 Bluetooth5.0 GATT Specificaiton iBeacon BLE Apps mesh networking solution

Let’s Nurture has an experience of crafting amazing beacon apps for retailers, entrepreneurs, and others. We develop our own beacons and with our expertise in mobile apps, we can provide complete and robust solutions across various industries leveraging BLE technology.

  • BLE/iBeacon Based Automobile Solution
  • BLE/iBeacon Based Art Management Solution
  • BLE/iBeacon Based City Tour Guide Solution
  • BLE/iBeacon Based Healthcare Solution
  • BLE/iBeacon Based Agriculture Solution
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On Demand Marketplace

On Demand Marketplace

The number of mobile users looking for on demand services is rising everyday. Now is the time for the businesses to leverage on demand custom mobile app development to reach to the unprecedented heights. On demand solutions along with integration of various modules with unified payment methods can give an instant platform to build a healthy engagement with users.

  • On Demand Marketplace for Movers & Packers
  • On Demand Marketplace for Grass Removers & Snow Removers
  • On Demand Marketplace for Helpers
  • On Demand Marketplace for Doctors
  • On Demand Marketplace for Beauticians
  • On Demand Marketplace for Food Delivery
  • On Demand Marketplace for Steel Industry
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Catalogue Solutions

Catalogue Solutions

In the world full of technology, if you are using paper to do marketing for your business then get ready for the wreckage of your business. The way of making people aware of your services or products in getting influenced by Digital Marketing. So to maintain sustainability, E-catalogue App Development is necessary.

  • eCatalogue App for Clothing / Apparel industry
  • eCatalogue App for Ceramic industry
  • e Catalogue App for Mirror industry
  • e Catalogue App for Automobile Industry
  • 3D Product Customizer App for Businesses
  • BLE Based Smart Catalogue App for Businesses
  • Augmented Reality based Product Catalogue App for Businesses
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Health & Fitness Solutions

Health & Fitness Solutions

With 19% smartphone users globally using fitness applications, there is every chance that businesses can integrate mobility solutions just to expand the horizons to provide quality services while communicating with the fitness freaks and health maniacs leveraging custom fitness mobile app solutions or healthcare applications.

  • Wearable App for Fitness
  • BLE Based eHealth Solution for Businesses
  • Doctors On Demand Platform
  • Coach On Demand Platform
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Automotive & Logistics Solutions

Automotive & Logistics Solutions

Let’s Nurture being very skilled at hardware to software configurations to bring robust and innovative applications in reality. The Automotive industry is going through technological refurbishment at a global level. Demands in logistics and automotive is increasing due personalisation, increase in safety requirements and overall change in industry.

  • OBD Based Diagnostic Solution
  • Fleet Management System
  • Garage App Development
  • Autopart Selling Marketplace
Lifestyle & Hospitality Solutions

Lifestyle & Hospitality Solutions

To keep the customers delighted, Hospitality Industry needs to join their hands with all the latest technologies and innovations. Lifestyle of people has not remained the same after IoT has break down the floor to enhance the standard of living. IoT is utilizing more of technologies like Chatbot development, Beacon integration, Blockchain development to led the stress-free life. In present days, nothing is far more than one click. Leveraging IoT technology Let’s Nurture bring solutions to ease up one’s life.

  • White label Restaurant & Café Apps
  • Food Delivery Platform
  • ibeacon based Smart Retail System
  • Travel Portal Development
  • Dating App & Portal Solution
Robust and Scalable e-Wallet Solutions using Java

Robust and Scalable e-Wallet Solutions using Java

Making mobile payments was never easier before. We develop robust and secure e-Wallet app solutions and provide our clients a mobile app platform to accommodate reliable money transactions. Aside from making payments, a wallet application can be included with vouchers, coupons and loyalty card features to process them quicker than ever before.

  • Mobile wallet app development
  • Custom mobile wallet solutions
  • Cryptocurrency wallet development
  • Mobile wallets for Merchants
  • Mobile wallet integration
  • Mobile wallet design
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Voice Skill for IoT Products

Voice Skill for IoT Products

Voice First technology is THE NEXT BIG THING. Giants within the IoT voice world are Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Assistant. Leveraging Alexa and Google Action like voice skill development, it is now possible to send voice commands to control the devices and equipments around you.

  • Alexa SKill development & IoT integration
  • Google Action development & IoT integration
  • Android Things Starter Kit integration
  • Voice skills for Home Automation
  • Voice skills for Automobiles
  • Voice skills for healthcare & wellness
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Interactive AIS Map Integration

Interactive AIS Map Integration

We offer digital and interactive mapping solutions development and integration with web and mobile platforms to lead businesses and government to have a centralised system to perform predictive analytics. Our unparalleled expertise in implementing tools and technologies with interactive AIS and GIS mapping offers robust, affordable, adaptable, precise and real-time tracking system which can show stats on various scenarios like tracking locations for increase criminal activities, hazardous weather information, geographical areas affected by pollution, economy, population, travel, transport and railway infrastructure, etc.

  • Design & Develop Map-based Workflow
  • Custom Developed Personalised Maps
  • Seamless Integration to Web App Platforms
  • Interactive Map Integration with Android Apps
  • Interactive Map Integration with iOS Apps
  • Data Management Platform Development
  • Robust & reliable Digital Mapping
  • Interactive Maps for Traffic Management
  • Interactive AIS Maps for Marine Navigation
  • Vessel Tracking System
  • Interactive Maps for Housing & Real Estate
  • Interactive Maps for Healthcare
  • Interactive Maps for Local Governance
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