Geolocation based Marketing/ Advertising Platform


Paid Ads is a geolocation based marketing/ advertising platform for business owners allowing Uber and Lyft passengers to view hot offers/ discounts in their way to the destination.

About Paid Ads

Paid Ads is an amazing geolocation based marketing/ advertising platform available in both native Android and native iOS platforms along with a CMS website and a database using MySQL. It provides features powered by Uber and Lyft API that will provide the ride information with the routes and based on that the mobile app platform will display the offers/ discounts of merchants inside the taxi of Uber and Lyft who have subscribed this to promote their offers/ services.

Geolocation based Marketing/ Advertising Platform


This geolocation based marketing and advertising platform will show relevant ads to the passengers in Uber or Lyft affiliated car rides. We developed a 3rd party API and performed API integration to this platform to get information about the ride with source and destination. Relevant advertisements of the business owners (subscribers) will be displayed on the app screen on the back seat of the cabs that fall into the route from source to destination.

Driver application (Android and iOS):-

  • Driver user can link own account of Uber and Lyft in our companion.
  • You can check live ongoing trip from Uber and Lyft using their APIs.
  • Once trip is started, Ads will appear in Tablet app in same time.
  • Driver can earn money from trip ads.
  • Money will automatically be deposited to driver’s bank account.

Tablet Application (Android):-

  • Driver can login using drive account
  • Once trip is started, ads will start appear on destination location interest.
  • 70% of area will appear with ads and rest will appear with live track of trip in google map.
  • Emergency SOS option is provided with a video call of 30 sec to track.

Mobile App Features for cab Riders / Passengers

  • Splash Screen
  • View relevant video advertisements of business at destination address
  • View relevant images of businesses at destination address
  • Live tracking of the ride for passenger
  • Emergency SOS call option for rider in critical situations with Video recording
  • Offline Ad viewing if no internet connectivity
  • Receive relevant notifications

Driver App Features

  • Login / Registration / Retrieve Password
  • Lyft and Uber API integration to get information for current ride
  • Payment received / Due
  • Ride Detail Page
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Contact Platform admin via a form

Advertiser Features

  • Create Account / Login
  • Sign up with a subscription plan
  • Create / Manage campaigns
  • View campaign analytics
  • View analytics in charts (demographics and Campaign status)

Super Admin : SaaS Based

  • Login/ Dashboard
  • Add / Edit / Delete staff
  • Role based access control of staff
  • Manage Drivers, Devices, campaigns, subscription plans, payments
  • Manage categories for Ads
  • Content CMS Pages (About us, T&C, Privacy Policy, etc)
  • Campaign Demographics and status charts
  • Manage Incident Reporting
  • Manage contact request

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