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Cloud Security

USPs of LN’s Cloud Securities Practice

Cloud Risk Management

Cloud Risk Management

We employ context-sensitive, customized risk management strategies to meet compliance requirements and counter cloud security threats effectively.

Accelerated Detection, Response, & Remediation

Accelerated Detection, Response, & Remediation

Our secure cloud security solutions ensure appropriate fast threat detection, security configuration, response, and provide effective remedies.

Cost-effective Security Solutions

Cost-effective Security Solutions

We offer comprehensive next-gen security solutions against all threats without having to hire for an in-house team.

Speed of Data Processing

Speed of Data Processing

Our global security services experts have analysed and eliminated millions of security threats in diverse business environments. Deploying the cutting-edge technologies & latest tools, we guarantee runtime updates, to stay ahead of cyber vulnerabilities.

  • Flexible architecture and high scalability to meet the ever-changing requirements of your business
  • Simple deployment, expansion, and customization to easily align with the nature of cloud service delivery
  • Review of security strategy, including IAM, cloud-native and security tools, applications, connectivity, and architecture
Multi Tenant Security

Multi Tenant Security

Multi Tenant Security allows the bifurcation of monitoring roles. The technology’s access control functions will provide for the creation of company’s or system communities, which allows for clear separation between cloud customers, applications, and data sets.

  • Effective data separation, access to all roles, and multi-tenancy support
  • Meticulous segmentation of clients’ data and reports
  • Extensive audit capability in all operator activities
Security Monitoring & Reporting

Security Monitoring & Reporting

Cutting-edge technologies, such as analytics & automation, Artificial Intelligence, will assist in developing and executing a robust cyber threat response strategy across enterprises.

  • In-built continuous compliance monitoring and reporting.
  • Incident management workflow support and drill-down investigation capabilities.
  • Automated response to mitigate attacks, safeguard systems, and protect data.
Effective Cost of Ownership

Effective Cost of Ownership

Utilise our global team expertise, at competitive net hourly rates, without CAPEX investments. No hardware setup, no manpower costs, no hiring expenses and most importantly, no additional desks/cubicles needed to be provisioned, in your premises.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership, quick Return on Investment, and short learning curves for employees
  • Easy-to-understand demonstration of service capability to establish credibility with clients
  • Minimum setup and operational costs and simple service differentiation

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