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VR or Virtual Reality applications in Australia as well as all over the world are fast becoming an integral part of our present and future. VR App development helps brands improve employee and customer production interactions. Organizations usually employ VR technology in various areas like data visualization, employee training, and encouraging collaboration.

Of course, this kind of technology has many advantages like allowing companies to integrate the “try before buying” concept, and offer it to customers, which makes it very easy for the latter to try new products virtually. Now, imagine you’re online looking to buy a t-shirt. Using VR, you can see how you might look wearing that t-shirt. Assume you want to buy a house. Wouldn’t it be great, if you could walk virtually through a 3D model of your home? Also, in areas such as education and training, Virtual Reality applications are great as they help provide students with deep and interactive training simulations, and hands-on exercises. Virtual Reality technology has tons of more uses in healthcare, entertainment, sports, automotive, industrial engineering, and other industries in Australia as well as globally.

Our future, and Virtual Reality, are connected

Our future, and Virtual Reality, are connected

At Let’s Nurture, our innovation in the VR realm for several years has helped us provide firms with the best Virtual Reality Services in Australia. We offer amazing development cross-platform services and leverage cutting-edge technologies.

Our Virtual Reality app development team has been instrumental in helping us deliver robust, interactive, high-performing, and innovative VR applications for many industries in Australia like healthcare, gaming, fitness, utilities and lifestyle, amongst others.

What does the Virtual Reality future look like?

What does the Virtual Reality future look like?

Data provided by IDC Research from 2018 has shown that the investment in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will multiply 21 times over the next four years, reaching 15.5 billion Euros by 2022.

VR is steadily increasing in popularity in various areas, like ecommerce, where consumers are demanding more and more VR services from the wide range of apps that they use.

The (AR/VR) market amounted to a forecast of 18.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Consumer spending made up the single largest portion of the AR/VR market worldwide, followed by the discrete manufacturing segment, both of which accounted for billions of U.S. dollars in sales.

In 2020, consumer spending on augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology is expected to reach around seven billion USD, while in the distribution and services sector, the spending forecast is over four billion USD. Total AR/VR spending worldwide is projected to amount to 18.8 billion USD in 2020.

Sale of products or subscriptions was identified as the main way to monetize AR/VR/MR/XR products and services in 2019 with 48 percent of survey respondents highlighting this strategy. In comparison to the previous year, this strategy has decreased by 11 per cent.

52.1 million people will use VR and 83.1 million will use AR at least once a month in 2020.

67% of media planners and buyers want AR/VR ads in digital marketing campaigns.

The total sales pooled from AR/VR headsets would hit the $9.7 billion mark by the end of 2020.

Our Expertise in Virtual Reality Development

At Let’s Nurture, our VR experts help transform businesses in terms of investing in Virtual Reality Platforms. We can help you increase your customer satisfaction by enhancing customer experience and fulfilling your other business requirements. Our experience in developing VR solutions for global clients can help us make your businesses VR ready in no time.


We have worked with Revita5, a healthcare company. We developed a fitness solution that assesses the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and provides you with corresponding exercise “prescriptions” that optimize performance. REVITA5 provides tools for an extraordinary performance to meet the challenges of the 21st-century workplace.


We have also worked with MedCheck, a network to find qualified doctors and trainers, to develop smart healthcare solutions to make the life of doctors, healthcare professionals and patients a lot easier. Our solutions help users to find and add doctors registered with the client’s app in the same city.


We have worked with NexTech Infoway, to develop a vehicle Tracking device that has made the life of parents of small kids much easier and more relaxing. With its help, parents or teachers can easily locate their children travelling on a school bus or other vehicles.


We worked with the Special Olympic World Games in Abu Dhabi in 2019 to develop a system to track and locate differently-abled Athletes at Abu Dhabi 2019 Special Olympics World Summer Games.


We have worked with the Dubai Police Force to develop an Employee Tracker Watch Application for the DXB airport. The basic goal is to communicate in a “covert” way when one of the agents needs assistance using a Smartwatch that vibrates.


We have worked with another healthcare company called DOC, to develop a Health Monitoring Application, which is used to track health records with the help of Bluetooth enabled medical devices.

Technology that powers our VR applications

Oculus HTC VIVE Samsung Gear Google Daydream Unity 3D Unreal Engine Janus VR Windows Mixed Reality

Why choose us as your ideal Virtual Reality Development Partner?

We live and breathe Virtual Reality. Our path-breaking innovation in VR has enabled us to create custom VR applications for our clients in more than 12 countries. Be prepared for many perks, and top-notch deliverables, when you choose us for your VR app development project.


Proficiency in Virtual Reality Domain

We have 24+ in-house VR developers who live their lives surrounded by VR and keep coming up with innovative ideas regarding their use. Our VR designers and developers are well equipped for any development project to courtesy their unparalleled experience.

VR Experience Design

VR Experience Design

We provide Virtual Reality designs for creating useful, interactive, and safe VR experiences and 3D content. Our VR app development process starts by first defining each experience and general layout considering touch, sight, and sound-based interactions.


A smooth Virtual Reality experience

Our expertise in designing and developing best-in-class VR solutions has made us a trusted Virtual Reality development company. We provide VR solutions that are fully functional and smooth.


Virtual Reality Upgradations

We understand the importance of being a tech leader. Hence, we always update our Virtual Reality solutions so your clients can always have the best experience.


Bespoke Virtual Reality Solutions

Depending on the budget, our developers create the most optimum solution for you. Our testing team puts the product through its paces to ensure that you get only the best.


Cost-effective & Timely Deliverables

Client value is at the crux of our day-to-day process, for we value the time and money of our clients. We guarantee to deliver good returns on investment through our best Virtual Reality development methods.

Virtual Reality R&D and Prototyping

Virtual Reality R&D and Prototyping

At Let’s Nurture, we offer R&D services to companies looking to experiment and create prototypes. Developing a prototype helps test tech viability and lowers risks.


VR App Development Capabilities

We have the expertise to build Virtual Reality applications for your business. We wish to create enterprise VR apps that solve business problems, reduce costs, and create new opportunities.

What makes Let’s Nurture the best Virtual Reality Development Company?

Our expert team of VR app developers and consultants provide expert VR solutions to our clients globally to deliver the best VR app that fits your business needs.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified VR Development Company.
  • Offices in the USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia and India providing VR solutions.
  • 2510+ projects delivered successfully
  • Clutch conferred upon us the Leaders in Australia and Canada for Mobile/ web app development services.
  • AWS Partner Network.
  • NDIA500 Quality Awards Nominee: Top most promising IT company 2018.
  • Affordable prices to hire dedicated Virtual Reality developers with on-time deliverables.
  • Many years of experience in VR development services.
  • Global client base in 30+ countries.
  • 100+ in-house employees at our Offshore Development Center (ODC) in Ahmedabad.
  • Google Certified Partner.
  • Smart City 2018 Best Tech Project Award Winners for IoT & Vehicle diagnostics Tracking Solution.
  • Technically proficient Virtual Reality developers armed with cutting-edge technology for diverse business needs.
  • Unique and interactive VR application delivery enhancing user experience.


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