Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) of Robotic Process Automation

17 Jul. 19

Robotic process automation is a boon to organizations and big industries. It saves on many hours and efforts to give you performance-driven results. RPA technology can completely transform the way you work. It helps to gain productivity and gives you the right results for your business.
But, it’s important to monitor key performance indicators of robotic process automation to measure the deployment and also protect its future expansion in the business. Some metrics will give you an insight into company goals regarding the RPA. You can get a thorough understanding of pay and scale with key performance indicators.

Listed are few performance indicators of RPA:


This is the main indicator when your business looks up to develop many computer software programs to automate multiple things and tasks. It’s important you research on the RPA tool based on this factor.
There should be great reliability and a low percentage of shutting down with this factor. Dependability in business is a great tool that indicates performance.


Time is money so the efficiency of time plays a key role in productivity. Employees can take time to complete a task on a manual basis. But, automated machines and robotic process automation complete the task faster with the same accuracy. Speed is an indicator of the process of RPA.
It lets you know about the time taken by a task. RPA system can optimize your business in a few hours. Speed as an indicator helps to measure the actual time taken by robotic process automation. It lets you know about the actual task that is completed according to set time.


Some robotic automation processes are built on intelligent tools. The tools perform basic tasks along with advanced learning skills. With this indicator, the system can adapt to new circumstances and situations without any issue. The indicator also lets you know about any change in the task according to the structure of the company.

Staff morale

When there is a mundane or hectic task to perform, it does take a toll on the morale of your employees. So, it’s important to have all the automated systems in place so that there is no problem with tasks. Also, RPA can reduce time and energy spend on a task by half, it actually helps to improve the working conditions of your employees.


Quality is the main concern in any company and the task should be performed well. Most big companies fail when they lack quality over the services they offer. The key performance indicator is measured by the tasks executed on an automated basis. RPA should provide good quality and also deliver accuracy than other manual methods.

Process velocity

Process velocity lets you know about the completion of the process or task. RPA does the work faster if you compare it with human speed. As an indicator, it’s important to measure the process of actual deployment before and after the said task. The work that accounts for off hours should also be included in the process velocity. The correct estimates can rightly make improvements in the RPA process in the future.


Human beings are bound to make errors. When the task gets repetitive or redundant, boredom or exhaustion sets in. Before the robotic process automation, inaccuracy was included in the accepted operating cost. Optimizing for affectivity was related to reducing the production capacity.
But, the RPA process worked on eliminating all the possible errors to provide accuracy. As an indicator, you can measure the amount of work that needs to be redone on the implementation of the RPA task. RPA software can finish bad processes or correct the errors faster than humans making the process more efficient.

Replaced tools

There are many automation tools that are required for RPA functioning. Scripts, bespoke and macros are some tools that might be in place before deployment of the RPA process. When you centralize your process, you can monitor and run the process easily.
As an indicator, it’s important to take stock of tools that are required to complete the given task. Some tasks are done on a manual basis, so tools are no more required in the automation process. You need to take stock of replaced tools or tools that aren’t required in the process of automation task.

The key indicators

RPA process has surely made things easier and the use of technology cuts down on working time too. Most big companies have integrated with the robotic process automation technology to gain added advantage. The process gives you great results, as everything is automated giving zero errors.
It helps to increase the productivity and efficiency in work. It can be integrated with any structure so there is no need to change the working structure of a particular company. The key indicators let you know about the performance of the RPA.
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