Edtech concepts transforming the lives of Africa’s next generation

29 Aug. 19

Technology in education has changed over the years. Classroom learning ways have made learning simple. According to a recent stat report, funds are being invested in Edtech sectors of Africa to bring a change in the educational ecosystem. Cape innovation technology initiative has launched an open Edtech innovation cluster in Africa.

Its main aim is to collect the best Edtech startups and companies that’ll help to work on educational problems in Africa. Sparkschools and UNICEF are also doing their bit to change the concepts of learning in Africa. Sparkschools has raised an amount of USD 9, 000,000 for high-quality education in Africa.

Transforming the educational setup

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are two technologies that are making a way in educational setup. Its revolutionizing simple learning ways through mobiles and tablets in Africa.

Let us look at Edtech concepts that are changing the educational scene in Africa:

  • Xander educational app

    Xander has been specifically developed to suit the educational needs of young African children. It addresses numeric and literacy skills for children who are not able to access mainstream educational apps in Africa. The app is easy to access and it is not so expensive so every young child can use the app for educational purposes.
    The app is small in size but its reach is great. It can be accessed from any region of Africa and cost wise also it’s cheap. It is designed keeping in mind the young minds. The interface is simple so children can access this educational app on their own.

  • Snapplify

    Snapplify is a content and media technology company that caters to mobile publishing and content distribution. Its app has a simple reader interface that lets you read large content without any strain on the eyes. It allows children to read, integrate and learn properly.
    It also allows reading books on android Smartphones or tablets. The best part is anyone can read from the app at any place. There is no specific access required for reading. It is good to increase the vocabulary power of children. Reading is a good habit that should be inculcated from a young age in children.

  • Beblocky

    It uses the AR technology that powers the robot into the real world. Blockybot uses a specific bot type programming that enables the children to stack together all the programming components. The children are able to stack action, events and different components that’ll help them to develop and learn new skills.

    The robot combines different features of blocks and action that make the learning process interactive and fun. Beblocky is a programmable friendly robot that can help children in their learning process. The best part is there is nothing technical, it’s easy to use and the interface is simple.

  • Wethinkcode

    It is a training program for people who are aged 17 to 35. It caters to training that helps to fill up the tech skill gap of unemployment in Africa. The program is delivered as a learning system that helps students to learn about special skills of employment. It helps them to develop new skills that are future proof.

    It helps them to get trained for new technologies and updated versions. It is the best route for training and skilled learning. The best part about Wethinkcode is it’s a free training program so students with a low-income group can also get trained for the future and get employment opportunities.

The startups that are making a difference:

  • Student hub

    Kabeya Hertzy started this student-based platform in 2015. This simple E-com platform offers smart technology to educational institutions, students and Government in Africa.
    It also publishes eBooks with added resources for students to make them learn better. The startup also helps students connect with authors and publishers of the book. It assists students if they are stuck with any subject matter.

  • Obami

    Founded by Barbara Mallison, this startup is based in Cape Town. It is an online learning and communication platform that brings together teachers, individuals, and students. It provides a unified learning experience to students that help them to understand things in a simplified way.

    It lets students and teachers discuss new resources and lessons. It helps to connect students globally and that is an advantage of this startup. The interface is inspired by Facebook so it integrates social media style as well. Business Insider also named this startup as the top 20 companies in the world.

  • Brainshare

    Charles Muhindo is a founder of this Edtech startup that is based in Uganda. This startup app helps students to exchange notes, paste papers, course work, and revision material. It helps teachers, parents, and students connect through a single ecosystem.
    Students can also exchange ideas or ask questions related to courses and studies. It helps teachers to upload notes and offer different assignments to students. Students can access content anytime without internet.

The changed concepts,

Technology has changed the educational prospects of Africa. Through educational apps and startups, students can connect with each other.

This is bringing a promising change in educational technology and is helping students adopt new and innovative ways for learning. The future is great with many startups and educational apps making way for students of Africa.

Edtech concepts help students to grasp and learn easily. Its also making a difference in the lives of children who can’t afford costly studies. Edtech is helping them in each possible way. Edtech is accessible and provides a simple and comprehensive approach.

With artificial intelligence and augmented reality integrating with Edtech, the future looks bright for students of Africa.

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