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Chatbot development and Applications is the future for businesses

For businesses, it is very important to ensure customer loyalty along with brand establishment. Man has looked to take help of machines to remove the constraints of human limitations like …

Empower Augmented Reality (AR) App Development using Wikitude- a leading SDK for AR Apps

What is Augmented Reality ? Augmented Reality (AR) derived from word Augment which means to improve something or addition of something. The technology is proving itself as a very fruitful …

5 Smart Mobility Solutions for Movers and Packers Companies

Moving to new house, new city/country is exciting as well as stressful. You not only have to pack everything, but also make it new place in one piece. According to …

Innovating the World : Google I/O Conference 2018

Let’s talk about the day when 7000 mobile app developers gathered at Shoreline Amphitheatre in an event known as Google I/O conference 2k18. As for google possibilities are endless, everyone …


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